Many people focus on the development of Intellectual Property right, and many law firms or patent/trademark offices were established. Some of them have common quality with high prices. Others do not charge high prices but with bad quality. However, do you know what firm is suitable for you?

According the concerns above, GIPO expects to provide the best quality with reasonable prices and the most effective services to our clients. We adhere to the highest standards of excellence and integrity to fulfill our clients’ IP objectives, and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. To do so we foster a highly productive work atmosphere, cross-training IP attorneys and staff, encouraging and rewarding our staff appropriately, and acquiring the new skills needed to remain at the forefront of our integrated IP practice. Our goal is to support and protect those whose innovations propel the world forward.

First, you have to know that the quality of specification/claim drafting depends on patent engineers. Every word used in the claim drafting results in the scope of claim, such that you are suggested to care about it. Since GIPO has lots of excellent patent engineers who have more than ten-year experiences and handle various cases, we are confident on dealing with your cases with the best quality, and can prevent your cases screwing up from other patent/trademark offices, which merely have novice engineers.

Second, you have to know that the highest prices do not bring the best quality. Some of big law firms exchange cases with the foreign law firms they collaborated to earn lots of money, such that they have to charge too high service fee from their clients. Accordingly, their clients have to pay unreasonable and expensive service fee. However, compared to high prices above, GIPO provides reasonable and inexpensive prices since GIPO has excellent foreign patent attorneys/patent agents to deal with your cases without too high service fee, and we decide to offer lower prices to our clients.

Finally, our service fee is honestly and publicly provided to our clients, such that our clients can pay reasonable fee without any worries. In addition, we understand that most people always focus on high efficiency and issued rate in patent/trademark application. Accordingly, the cases we accepted always are regarded as projects to ensure high efficiency and issued rate. Thus, we don’t have many problems incurred in other patent/trademark offices.

GIPO takes great pride in our ability to provide this unparalleled level of service while helping our clients manage costs. We offer each client an individually tailored and highly efficient team of attorneys, agents and paralegals by considering all aspects of the client’s needs, size, technology, markets and goals. Our clients receive professional services and results they deserve.

GIPO always keeps professional, and is the best patent/trademark office for you.